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DeepRacing - Applied Robotics & A.I.

A unique hands-on,
 A.I. & Robotics Collaborative Laboratory

DeepRacing™ participants (DeepRacers™) are comprised of robotics enthusiasts - all passionate about pushing the limits of autonomous machine performance and applications. Starting in the San Francisco Bay Area as a fun project, DeepRacing has rapidly expanded to become a globally collaborative community.  We are dedicated to the mission of learning, teaching, and exploring these exciting robotics & A.I. technologies, in order to find immediate positive impact they can have in our daily lives.  First order of business - have fun.

DeepRacing's strategy is to democratize robotics & A.I., by riding the wave of innovation coming from the 1/10th - 1/16th scale autonomous vehicles [i.e. hacked remote control cars]. This combination of low cost & relative simplicity is the ultimate 'hello world' to start exploring robotics & A.I.

A huge enabling advantage - we can race & prototype harder, and faster than the full size autonomous vehicles, without the danger and cost.

Sometimes referred to as UGVs, these small vehicles are so sophisticated, that they are now reaching what we call 'tech parity' with full scale autonomous vehicles.  The same general concepts translate on par with some of the same principles and algorithms of today's industry leaders e.g. Google's Waymo, Tesla, etc.

DeepRacing is partnered with some of the best sensor, semiconductor, mechatronics, and digital fabrication technologies that you've probably heard of - enabling true democratization and access to the revolution.

With a very open and collaborative environment, there is an understanding:

"We stand on the shoulders of giants, now let's share the view"
- adapted from Stephen Hawking

Nobody is working from 'scratch', so the idea is to contribute as much knowledge as possible, that will help everyone move forward and A.I. innovations teams to coalesce.

DeepRacing is not just about vehicle racing

 A race to explore and understand aritificial intelligence advancement, in general

DeepRacing is aiming to be a cross-discipline Robotics & A.I. innovation playground, with an emphasis towards open collaboration. While racing is a predominant theme, and definitely a lot of fun, there are efforts to maintain
a grasp on all ancillary technologies benefiting from A.I./M.L. advancements

Through strategic industry partnerships, DR hopes to pass along opportunities and contests, maintaining a clear emphasis and path toward commercialization and garnering investment towards productization.

Hardware Startups Require Unique Creativity

DeepRacing is cultivating a combustive reaction between corporate innovation strategy & startup accelerator.  A key component - play.

We will be approaching participants not just for technical ability, but to share their specialty, and collaborate with their fellow cohort participants. These inter-alumni 'startup sharing sessions' are socially engineered, and essential to competing with the massive A.I. tech power houses, that we've all heard of.  Patents and secrets are 'allowed', only if completely necessary for the survival of the company via application areas. Once a startup is funded, target markets will be respected within a reasonable time window on a first to invent basis.

DeepRacing Corporate Innovation Services
Your applied machine learning innovation team


Accelerated Applications Engineering

Refresh your corporate innovation with us

Choose 15-30 members of your team for a 2-5 day program providing an intensive introduction to robotics & A.I. convergence. Once we have understood what is possible with your tech, we can explore convergence with other tech in the ultimate cross-industry sand-box and ideation space. Emphasis on intense science, engineering, and of course fun!


Deep Learning As A Service [DLaaS]

We are your full stack M.L./D.L. team

DR can help you amass, and curate large amounts of data to help mold it towards a M.L. data & labeleing pipeline in view of model type, and complex development.
It is much better to partner at an early stage with seasoned experts, make a proof of concept first, than to hire your own machine learning team.


Early Stage Investment

Invest in DeepRacing startups

A robotics+A.I. fund is being raised to invest $100-250K seed investment for 'departure-level' type of innovations. Tapping into this startup ecosystem can be hugely beneficial to a corporate innovation startegy, large and small. Partner with your core-tech disruptors where investment secures a likely right-of-first-refusal.


Hyper-Focused Developer Engagement

Co-develop events with us to test your API/SDK
in the wild

Much like a hackathon, the difference is in it's technical focus, and social engineering components. The aim is to tap into some of the bright minds in silcon valley, from all the major companies you've heard of, to come and get hands-on with your company's tech. Providing real-world testing and experience, as well as a comprehensive feedback sessions, both verbally and written.


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