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DR Core

A growing team of professionals passionate about robotics & A.I. innovation, product development, and startup mentorship

Carlos Uranga 

Bioengineer, Robotics, IoT/Sensors Product Guy

Yana Bezus

Eco-architect, City Planner, Civil Engineer, CAD, Design

Guy PavLov 

QualComm RF & Embedded Software Engineer

Camilo Soto

Robotics & Full Stack/ IoT/ BlockChain Expert

Kornél Schadl

Machine & Deep Learning Specialist, Full Stack Software- Embedded Engineer, Medical Doctor


Mathew O'Kelly

Autonomous Vehicle Research, UPenn Robotics



Provides Access to:
amazing people
Innovation space (in the heart of Silicon Valley)
Shared equipment including but not limited to:
'The Library of Robotics'
Rapid-prototyping equipment:
Basic Tools as well - monitors, keyboards, soldering iron, etc.
[reasonable membership fees may apply]
Any questions hello\ at \

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If wanting to participate as a sponsor for our next event or just for fun, feel free to reach out and tell us a bit about yourself, and your robotics project.